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Shuanghui Group


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   Headquartered in the city of Luohe, Henan Province, Shuanghui Group is a large-scaled meat-processing enterprise which ranks 177th among China Top 500 enterprises in the year of 2009. As the largest meat processing enterprise, the company has a total assets over 10 billion RMB and, the employee population of Shuanghui Group is over fifty thousand, with the capacity of slaughtering pigs 15 million heads per year and processing cooked meat products over two million five hundred thousand tons annually.
    Having been always focusing on agricultural products processing and meat processing, Shuanghui Group has put a lot of efforts in absorbing innovated ideas in management, technology development and marketing development and keeping developing fast and efficiently. In the middle of the 1980’s, the company only realized annual sales valuing less than ten million RMB, while up to RMB 100 million in 1990, up to ten billion in 2003, up to 20 billion in 2005, more than 30 billion in 2007, the annual sales income of 2009 is more than 40 billion RMB.

    Shuanghui Group is a large trans-regional and trans-national food enterprise. Now the company has established modern factories in 12 provinces in China and built over 200 sales branches and modern commodity distribution centers in 31 provinces throughout the country. Each day over 7 thousand tons of products are distributed to all over the country through its perfect supply chains. Now the company has sales branches in Japan, Singapore, Philippines and Korea etc., which can realize export & import revenue USD 100 million per year.

    Aiming to develop large-scaled modern industries at high speed and efficiency , the company has invested over 4 billion RMB to import over 4 thousand sets of modern equipments from advanced countries. It has built up a whole industry chain mainly based on slaughtering and meat processing, including farming, animal feed processing, grain processing, slaughtering, meat processing, chemical packaging, color printing, commodity distribution, chain-stores and biochemical medicine etc.

    Shuanghui Group is always insisting on self-innovation to establish a enterprise with innovation spirits. Now the company has one state-level technological center and one post-doctor working station and a high-quality researching & developing team. By introducing western-styled meat products and improving traditional Chinese- styled meat products, the company produces large variety of products including over 200 kinds of chilled meat products, over 200 sorts of prepared meat products, over 6 hundred kinds of ready-to-eat meat food both of sterilized meat products and pasteurized meat products in western style and Chinese style, meeting different customers’ demands. The meat products were awarded “Famous Brand in China”, the company was awarded “Excellent Enterprise in Quality Management” by the state Quality and Quarantine Inspection Bureau.

    By introducing “cold-chain production, cold-chain distribution, cold-chain rendition and chain-store sales”, Shuanghui Group has successfully innovated the traditional Chinese slaughtering industry and has created top brand name in China in chilled fresh meat industries. It takes the lead in realizing the change from the hot fresh meat and frozen meat to chilled fresh meat, from the traditional wet bazaar sales to modern chain-store sales.

    Shuanghui Group has established several devisions including Fresh and Frozen Meat Division, Cooked Meat Products Division, Chemical Packaging Division and Pig Breeding Division. The company has been developing fast by carrying out well planning, good budget, standardization and smooth supply chain. The company has passed ISO9001, ISO14001 and HACCP systems and has been carrying out the systems strictly.

    Shuanghui Group is one of the state key enterprises in agricultural products industrialization field. Each year the company needs 30 million heads of pigs, 3 hundred thousand heads of cattle, 6 hundred thousand tons of chicken, 50 thousand tons of egg and 50 thousand tons of soy protein as raw materials to process meat products, transform the foodstuff over 8 million tons through the breed aquatics and thus promotes the development of animal raising, animal feeding and slaughtering in the surrounding areas, realizes the production values ,indirectly supplies jobs for 1.5 million local farmers and raises their incomes.

    During the “12th Five-year”(time duration of 2011—2015), the enterprise aims to be larger, stronger and sustainable, being the largest in China and keeping ahead in the world in meat industries. By the end of “12th Five-year”(the year of 2015), the company is to produce cooked meat products 8 million tons, with sales income over 100 billion RMB, and at that time, Shuanghui Group would be one of the most competitively large-scaled internationalized enterprise.
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