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Shuanghui Group


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   Headquartered in the city of Luohe, Henan Province, Shuanghui Group is a large-scaled meat-processing enterprise which ranks 177th among China Top 500 enterprises in the year of 2009. As the largest meat processing enterprise, the company has a total assets over 10 billion RMB and, the employee population of Shuanghui Group is over fifty thousand, with the capacity of slaughtering pigs 15 million heads per year and processing cooked meat products over two million five hundred thousand tons annually.
    Having been always focusing on agricultural products processing and meat processing, Shuanghui Group has put a lot of efforts in absorbing innovated ideas in management, technology development and marketing development and keeping developing fast and efficiently. In the middle of the 1980’s, the company only realized annual sales valuing less than ten million RMB, while up to RMB 100 million in 1990, up to ten billion in 2003, up to 20 bill... [Details]